prihtee pointz!

What are “prihtee pointz”? “prihtee pointz” are rewards that start when you’ve accumulated $130 (or more) * in purchases from prihtee paintz!

Once you’ve reached $130, you will start “earning” 5% of your purchases ** to use towards even more polish!

You can earn and save your pointz as long as you wish.  However, when ready to redeem, you must use the entire balance on one purchase.  Contact us at when you are ready, and we will send you an email with a unique coupon code to be applied for your very next order. You can also email us at any time if you just wish to see what amount you are at.

"pointz" will be calculated as per your purchases & big cartel invoicing.

Once redeemed, you will start earning 5% on the very next purchase all over again!

Your pointz belong to you and cannot be transferred.

Your pointz will be recorded under the name and email address you used when purchasing from prihtee paintz.

This is just our way of saying "thanks" for being a a great customer!

*Total amounts do not include shipping costs or other discounts that you may have used.

** “pointz” are offered as a discount and have no actual cash value.  prihtee paintz will not refund your pointz as cash.